Top 13 Green Apps

Do you want to be more respectful to the environment but don’t know how to start? Do you spend a lot of time on your smartphone? Do you want to save money? The following, a list of eco-friendly apps that will answer all those questions and more. 

Sustainable action 


green apps

This award-winning application’s mission is to build a green community. By making you feel part of a group; you will be able to help others to be more green.  And what a better way to do that than to challenge people to get them on board.

In fact, thanks to contests, you can earn badges and compete with family, friends and coworkers. In addition, you can share your feat on Facebook and Twitter.

Besides, it’s more enjoyable to change within a community. 

Through different themes, you can reduce your impact on the environment. You will find tips and tricks, and video tutorials to help you to achieve your goals. 

Giki Zero

With this application, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint. After answering a few questions, you will have a list of more than 100 actions you can take to reduce it. 

Giki has a carbon calculator, science-based, but it’s still fun and easy to use. As much, or as little, information as you want to put in, you will have a personalised estimation. They cover everything from your home, food, travel, pets and finances, to clothes and more.

Like Joulebug, it works even for businesses.


It’s a search engine that uses the profit generated from your queries to plant trees where they are needed. They plant in more than 30 countries and work with locals. Almost 150 000 000 trees have been planted. One of the easiest and laziest actions to preserve our beautiful planet.

Forest: stay focused

The mission of this app is to inspire people and collect data.

This app takes care of you and plants trees! That’s right if you need to stay focused and take away distractions from your phone use this game. It has some great features but it keeps things simple where it counts, and even the free version with ads is pretty good at not distracting you. And while doing that a real tree is planted!


You have an electric car but are scared not to have enough juice to get to the next plug station? Plugshare is here for you. They have around 150,000 charging stations in their worldwide database. However, the majority are concentrated in North America and Europe.

green lifestyle pick up garbage


You take a picture of the litter and tag it. There are tags for plastic, bottle caps, and cigarettes… but you can also make your tags. You can even join a cleanup. Litterati’s mission is to collect data and educate people about it.

Wake County’s Engage Campaign Bonds Residents Closer Together In Shared Mission To Clean


Supernova is like a social media platform. The difference is the more you give likes the more they give to charity. 1 “Supernova” like is equivalent to 10 likes. 

You will have the possibility to choose the charity and see the money raised by the likes. 

Like instagram, you can share photos, videos, comments, messages, follow others and be followed. You can set up a private account and block unwanted followers. 

Don’t feel bad spending your time watching cute videos about pets, the longer you stay the more money you give. 


Unsold food, share food

Too good to go 

This app’s mission is to “Inspire and empower everyone to fight food waste together.

Too Good To Go enables you to buy perfectly edible unsold food, from restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets. Thanks to different categories like lunch, dinner or baking goods. You can buy food for just a few dollars.

When you see something you want, you order it and get a Surprise bag, which means you don’t know what’s inside!

To good to go is definitely a fun way to fight wasting food. This app is available in 17 countries.


Most of us know the impact of eating meat on the climate.

“This study shows that replacing red meat with more nutritious options can greatly improve health and the environment,” says Jason Hill.

This app allows you to look for vegan and vegetarian restaurants and bakeries near you. Another great application to help you to fight for the environment. 


With this app neighbours are connected together as well as with local companies, allowing leftover food to be shared rather than wasted away. The food share can be because of the expiration date close, food from home or even from a bakery. You just have to take a photo of the item with a description, and hours to pick it up and post it. Olio allows people to share non-food households too.

Brightly eco

This application is about empowering conscious consumers to take small actions to make a positive impact on- the world. It’s also a platform where you can discover sustainable brands. Brightly eco has different topics like home and lifestyle, the world, fashion, beauty and wellness, and food and kitchen.


The platform covers all your healthy lifestyle needs and helps you live a more ethical and sustainable life. This app allows you to find eco-friendly stores, organic restaurants or fair-trade coffee.

NatureHub also has a great forum. If you are seeking help in your transition to a healthier lifestyle take a look at their very active forum.

With a strong community focus, NatureHub empowers users to build their own blog or vlog on the platform in order to inspire others to be the change they desire to see.


Do you need a coach to motivate you, assist you to be healthier and more green? Ailuna is here for you. Ailuna (ai luna) in Hawaiian means “upwards, up there, aiming high”. The app asks participants to take on “dares” that take about a week to finish. Each dare is made by experts and backed up by behavioural science to help you make long-term changes in your life. As a bonus, you can chat with people who take the same dare as you.

Cities apps 

Did you know that a lot of Canadian cities have their own apps for waste?

Here a few ones :

  • Ottawa collection calendar
  • Edmonton waste wise
  • Nanaimo recycle
  • Campbell River Recycles
  • Toronto TOwaste

During my research I was amazed by the number of green apps, and it’s just a succinct list. Personally, I use Ecosia and while I was writing this article, I have registered to NatureHub and Forest. I wish I could register for more apps but I don’t have enough GB left on my smartphone.

And are you using any of them?

Which one do you want to try next?

About the author: Marianne Fornieles, born in France and lives on Vancouver Island, British Colombia. She is a student in Digital Marketing. She is passionate about the environment, travels and photography. You can see what’s she’s up to on Instagram @marianne_frnls/

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